Download Custom Roms For Xiaomi 11i

Download Custom Roms For Xiaomi 11i: Hello friends, if you are an Android lover or Android geek then you must have felt like flashing Custom ROM at some point in your mind, or if your phone does not have the latest Android update then flash custom ROM for the latest android update in your phone. would have thought of doing. How to Install Custom ROM on Xiaomi 11i.

Today I will show you how to flash custom ROM in Xiaomi 11i with the help of this article. In this method, we will need a good custom ROM and at the same time the phone bootloader should be unlocked and TWRP custom recovery should also be installed. In this process, I will also teach you how to unlock the bootloader and install TWRP custom recovery.

Warning:- I won’t tell you any wrong way here. Use this method at your own risk, if your phone is dead for any reason, I will not be responsible for that

Advantages of Flashing Custom ROM in Xiaomi 11i

  • The best advantage of flashing a custom ROM on your phone is that you can customize it in your way.
  • Due to Custom ROM, you can run your phone’s latest version of Android.
  • You can easily run any Android version on your phone.
  • You can also enjoy your phone pixel phone.

Disadvantages of Flashing Custom ROM in Xiaomi 11i

  • Flashing a custom ROM will void your phone’s warranty.
  • If a mistake happened while flashing the custom ROM, your phone could be dead or stuck in the boot loop.
  • Your phone will stop receiving OTA updates.
  • Flashing a custom ROM will destroy your phone’s security. Because custom ROM does not come with any kind of security.

Pre-requirement for Xiaomi 11i.

  • Need a PC or laptop.
  • The phone battery should be charged more than 80%.
  • Xiaomi 11i must have an original USB cable.
  • ADB Drivers must be installed on the computer.
  • The latest USB Drivers from Xiaomi must be installed on the computer.
  • The SDK Platform tool file must be downloaded.
  • Mi Unlock application should be downloaded to the computer.
  • Your Mi Account must be created in Xiaomi 11i.
  • Xiaomi 11i must have a TWRP Recovery file.
  • Stable Custom ROM For Xiaomi 11i.

How to Install Custom ROM on Xiaomi 11i

Before flashing Xiaomi 11i custom ROM you have to take care of these phone things. Xiaomi 11i bootloader must be unlocked as well as TWRP recovery must be installed on this phone. I will show you most of this process by unlocking the bootloader of this phone installing TWRP recovery in it and then flashing custom ROM.

Before starting this process, read and understand this article completely and then apply it on your mobile. This procedure is only for Xiaomi 11i users, do not apply this method to any other smartphone otherwise your phone may be dead.

Download Important File

Unlock Bootloader on Xiaomi 11i

First of all, we have to unlock the bootloader of our Xiaomi 11i phone.

  • You have to update the software by going to your settings, if the update comes, update it and proceed further.
  • Now you have enabled the Developer Option on your phone. [‘Settings‘> ‘About Phone‘> Click on ‘MIUI Version’ 5-6 times. Now your developer option will be enabled.]
  • After enabling Developer Options, now you have to enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging. [Settings> Additional settings>Enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging after going to Additional Settings]
  • Now the next work will be the computer, first of all, you have to install Xiaomi USB Drivers and ADB Drivers on the computer.
  • After Installing the Drivers, Install the Mi Unlock Application on Your Computer.
  • Boot your Xiaomi 11i phone in Fastboot mode after the MI application is installed. [First, switch off your phone and press the Power button + Volume down button for 8-10 seconds after that your phone will boot into Fastboot Mode]
  • After this, you have to open the mi unlock app on your computer and log in with your mi account. [Here you have to log in with your phone’s Mi account]

mi unlock app

mi unlock app

  • If your Xiaomi 11i bootloader is eligible to unlock then your phone will show the device connected to the application.
  • If your phone is eligible then click on Unlock, after clicking on Unlock, click on Unlock Anyway.

mi unlock app

mi unlock app

  • After clicking on Unlock, the processing will appear on the screen, this process may take some time. After waiting for some time the bootloader of your Xiaomi 11i will be unlocked.

mi unlock app

mi unlock app

  • Now you have to reboot your phone

Install TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi 11i

Now your Xiaomi 11i bootloader is unlocked we will go through how to install TWRP custom recovery on this mobile.

  • Now you have to download and open the SDK Platform Tool on your computer and move the Xiaomi 11i quick recovery file to the SDK Platform Tool.
    [The moved TWRP recovery file has to be renamed with this (twrp.img) name.]
  • Now you have to open the command prompt in the SDK Platform Tool. [One has to press the Shift Key + Right Mouse Button in a space in the SDK Platform Tool file. This will open the command prompt on your computer]

ADB Command


[Or you can open Command Prompt by typing CMD in the address bar of that file.]

ADB Command

Boot your Xiaomi 11i phone in Fastboot mode. [First, switch off your phone and press the Power button + Volume down button for 8-10 sec after that your phone will boot into Fastboot Mode]

After booting the phone in Fastboot Mode, you have to type the command on your computer in this way. please type the command properly.

  • Fastboot devices
  • Fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  • Fastboot boot recovery twrp.img
  • Fastboot reboot

twrp recovery

After typing these commands TWRP recovery will be successfully installed on your phone.

Install Custom ROM on Xiaomi 11i

After TWRP recovery is installed in Xiaomi 11i you have to boot your phone in TWRP Recovery mode. [First, switch off your phone and press the Power button + Volume Up button for 8-10 seconds after that your phone will boot into TWRP Recovery Mode]

  • After booting into recovery mode, you have to click on Wipe Option, you will see the option of Advanced wipe, clicking on that Dalvik Cache, Cache, System, and Data have to be ticked on all four and slide it to Swipe to Wipe.

Custom rom Flash

Custom rom Flash

[Wipe Option→Advanced wipe→Select Dalvik Cache, Cache, System, Data→Swipe to Wipe]

  • After the data wipe is done, click on the home button. Now from this onwards have to flash the Custom Rom.
  • Click on Install, Select your Custom ROM, and Swipe to confirm.

Custom rom Flash

[This process may take around 5-10 minutes. It may take longer if your file is large]

Custom rom Flash

Thank you for giving your valuable time to this website.

In conclusion, flashing a custom ROM on your Xiaomi 11i offers significant advantages in terms of customization and access to the latest Android versions. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the associated risks, including voiding the phone’s warranty, the potential for damaging the device if the process is not executed correctly, and the cessation of official OTA updates.

Users must follow the outlined steps carefully, ensuring prerequisites such as unlocking the bootloader installing TWRP custom recovery, and proceeding with caution, understanding that any adverse outcomes resulting from the process are their sole responsibility. Overall, while custom ROMs provide enhanced customization and access to newer Android versions, users should weigh the benefits against the risks before proceeding.

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